4 Simple Crafts for Teens

If you have a teen with some extra time on their hands, check out these super cute craft ideas they can make on their own. And, even if you aren’t a teen yourself anymore, we think these crafts would be fun for adults too. 

#1 Lush Knock-Off Bath Bombs

Teens can get creative with the colors and scents for these large bath bombs for a fraction of the cost of some store brands. Package in a cute jar and they also look adorable on a bathroom shelf or as a gift for friends. Handmade Weekly has all the instructions. 

#2 Marbled Mug 

These marbled mugs over at Surviving a Teacher’s Salary are a great way to use up any bottles of no longer used nail polish you or your teen have lying around. Custom mix colors with your favorite colors or match room decor.  

#3 Mason Jar Pin Cushion & Sewing Kit 

This one is for all of the up-and-coming crafters out there! The Seasoned Homemaker tells us how to make these adorable pin cushion jars. You can make it as big or little as you like depending on what you want to store inside. Fill the jar with small spools of thread or buttons for an emergency sewing kit. With a big enough jar you could even keep a small pair of scissors.

#4 Make Your Own Scrunchie 

If you have fabric scraps or have a specific fabric you really love, use this easy tutorial from Kukaru Designs to sew your own scrunchie.  Simple enough for a novice seamstress and no sewing machine required. 

What crafts are you or your teen into these days? Would you do any of these crafts? Let us know on Instagram!

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