How To Make A Tassel Chandelier

Glam up your space with this gorgeous boho-inspired tassel chandelier. Customize the size of your chandelier and your yarn colors to your decor. This hanging light would be perfect in a baby nursery, a teen bedroom, over a dining table, or in your favorite cozy corner. 


  • 3 balls of yarn (color and thickness of your choice)
  • 3 embroidery hoops – Large 9 inch, Medium 8 inch, Small 5 Inch
  • Empty 3×5 picture frame
  • Gold chain
  • Beads (size and color of choice)
  • Flat nose pliers x 2
  • Scissors
  • Ceiling hooks
  • Light kit
  • Light bulb 


  1. Wrap the yarn 25 times around the empty picture frame.
  2. Cut a short piece of yarn and slip it through the wrapped yarn in the center opening. Pull up the yarn and tie a knot.
  3. Cut one side of the yarn, removing it from the frame entirely. Pull the knotted yarn down to the center of the grouped yarn and fold it in half.
  4. Cut another short piece of yarn and tie a knot around the tassel about 1 inch down from the piece of yarn holding your grouped yarn together.
  5. Make about 14 tassels in the color you are using for the small hoop, 22 tassels for the medium hoop, and 28 tassels for the large hoop. 
  6. Separate the embroidery hoops and discard the center piece. 
  7. Thread tassels on each hoop until full and screw the hoop closed. 
  8. Place the medium hoop in the center of the large hoop. Cut 3 pieces of yarn and loop it around both hoops in three equally distanced spots and tie a knot. 
  9. Place the small hoop in the center of the medium hoop. Cut 3 pieces of yarn and loop it around both hoops in three equally distanced spots and tie a knot. 
  10. Flip over and check that the hoops are hanging correctly from largest to smallest. 
  11. Cut three long pieces of yarn to the desired length. Add beads to the yarn in your desired pattern (you may need a sewing needle to help with this.) Tie the beaded yard in three equally distanced spots around the top of the large hoop. Tie all three pieces of yarn together into one knot at the top. 
  12. Cut chain to your designed length and attach one end to the knotted end of the beaded yarn. 
  13. Hang your light kit using a ceiling hook. 
  14. Hang the chandelier over top of the light kit by attaching the other end of the gold chain to the ceiling hook. 

Would you make this DIY tassel chandelier? What colors would you use? Be sure to give us a follow on Instagram and Pinterest.

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