How To Make a Felt Fish Tank with A Mason Jar

Need an activity to do with the kids this weekend? These fish tanks are super easy to put together and you may already have the supplies at home! We think felt fish in a large mason jar looks best but craft paper fish in a washed-out pickle jar will do just fine!

The beauty of this project is that your kiddos can have full creative control of the color of their fish and the design of the fish tank. Just make sure a parent is present for the hot glue gun parts!

What You’ll Need


  1. Design your felt fish! Cut out the fish shape and stripes, circles, and scales to decorate.
  2. Hot glue on fish design and cut off excess craft felt. HOT TIP: Decorate both sides for an immersive fish tank experience.
  3. Don’t forget to add your googly eyes!
  4. Fill the bottom of the mason jar with assorted beads. We used blue beads with a little green and purple to give it an underwater look but feel free to go crazy with color.
  5. Cut a small hole at the top of each fish and attach a piece of clear string.
  6. Hot glue the other side of string to the bottom of the mason jar top. Place your hanging fish inside the jar.
  7. Optionally, hot glue or mod podge clear beads to the outside of the jar for “bubbles.” Remember mod podge goes on white but dries clear!

We think this turns out super, super cute. Come to think of it, you could totally cut out turtles or whatever you want “floating” in your fish tank. We would love to see what your mason jar fish tanks look like!

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