9 Houseplants Worth Bringing Home

Adding a little greenery to your home with a houseplant (or 10) helps purify the air and quickly brightens up any shelf or corner. You just have to decide what level of commitment you’re up for. Some houseplants are easy going while others seem to require as much attention as a puppy (You won’t have to walk it, but still…).

Not to worry. Whether you’re going for boho or minimal, have a sun-drenched abode or could use a few more windows, were born with a green thumb or a black one, there’s a houseplant for you:

Best Houseplants for Nature Newbies

If you’re looking to move past the faux greenery (no shame in that game) or refuse to accept defeat after a few plant casualties (RIP), these are the houseplants for you. They all thrive in low light and only need to be watered every one or two weeks.


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Snake Plant

The stiff, sharp leaves of this plant with their snakeskin-like pattern give it a striking appearance. It works well in bright conditions as well as dimly lit areas, so it’s just as at home on a windowsill or a mantle. Not suitable for homes with pets.

ZZ Plant

The zamioculcas, also known as the ZZ plant, is perfect for a bedroom. It’s like that fancy air purifier you were looking at only much cheaper. Tuck it into a corner near your bed. Not suitable for homes with pets.


Affectionately referred to as “devil’s ivy,” the pothos’ trailing vines will cascade down from a high cupboard or bookshelf with minimal effort. Put it in your home office or a bathroom. This one’s in it for the long haul. Not suitable for homes with pets.

Best Houseplants for Foliage Familiars

After a bit of trial and error, you’re no stranger to a watering schedule and ready to step it up. These houseplants require moderate light and would enjoy the occasional misting, but don’t worry, they’re not too fussy.

Corn Plant

If you like the look of a palm but live in a smaller space, consider a corn plant for a similar effect. The tops of the canes sprout long, pointed, narrow leaves and can grow up to 6 feet tall. Not suitable for homes with pets.

Parlor Palm

Some palms can be tricky, so start with this easy-care variety to bring a bit of the tropics into your house. Best of all, it’s pet friendly so if you catch Fido sampling the leaves, don’t panic. Maybe just move it.

Monstera Deliciosa

You’ve probably seen the leaves of this philodendron plant on wall art, stationary or otherwise all over social media. They make a bold statement in any room and don’t need a ton of water. Not suitable for homes with pets.


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Best Houseplants for Soil Savants

If you haven’t seen a yellow leaf in ages, you’re ready for a challenge. However, if you leave for a week without checking in on these houseplants, you’re gonna hear about it, but they’re worth the extra light and tender loving care.


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Fiddle Leaf Fig

A bit moody at times, this very popular ficus needs bright direct to indirect light and doesn’t do well with fluctuations in its environment (temperature, light, moisture, etc.). Not suitable for homes with pets.

Bird’s Nest Fern

The curly leaves of this fern do best in a room with plenty of moisture, it just can’t be too dark. If you’ve got a window in your bathroom, this one will feel right at home.

Banana Plant

Probably not best for city dwellers in small apartments, the banana plant needs bright light along with regular watering and misting. A true sun-worshipper. No SPF required.

No matter your skill level, there is a houseplant out there for you! Share your proud Plant Mom photos with us @craftbusters or using #craftbusters.

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